Miles Away

by Michael Steven Taylor

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This album is a collection of songs I've written over the years since high school (especially "I Miss You" 2nd song i ever wrote) right up to present day. The album is about distance, when ever I think of "Miles Away" I think of something in the country side hence the picture.

There are a few production errors that i decided to keep in for a rough and raw feel, enjoy!


released May 16, 2013

All tracks written & recorded by Michael Taylor in his small bedroom.
Pictures/artwork by Michael Taylor using a low-quality camera-phone.



all rights reserved


Michael Steven Taylor Thetford, UK

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Track Name: A Summer Depression
This Is A Summer Depression,
Looking At The Sun, When Your Gone.
For Some Reason The Sun Makes Me Sad, But Happy, And When The Sun Sets.
The Colour It Shines Makes Me Think Of Love.

Being Alone, Kills Me But To Think Of You Makes It All Better.
Cause If You Where Never There In My Life, Where Would I Be?
Forever Lost, Looking For Something Special.

The Sun In The Evening Makes Me Think of Her, of How We Could Be, In The Fields.
Being Happy Together, Kissing In Front, Of The Sun.
Hold Hands, Holding Hands, While We Show Everyone Our Love.
If Only, If Only Your Heart Still Had Love.

If Only On That Day, There Was Rain, You Wouldn't See, The Tears Falling From My Eyes.
Track Name: Where Did You Go?
Where, Where Did You Go?
one day you was there, the next you was gone.
and now I'm wondering where you are
where are you now? i hope your ok, and away from harm
I'd like to see you again.

Where, Where did you Go?
I came to your house looking for you, but there was no one there.
and i walk home wondering
where, where could you be? i guess you finally moved to somewhere new.

Where Did You Go?
Maybe Millions of Miles west
where did you go?
maybe your just down the road

I Just Want To Say, Hello, Again.
Track Name: The First Time
I'm staring out the window
on a bus down a country road
nervous from being anxious.
I'm just on my way, to see you.
for the first time.

so I'm here, waiting for you
i hope that ill keep you here
with me
i wont fail you.

we walk around a while
till we find a silent & quiet place.
i like the smile (on your face)
as i see you for the first time.

as we stare at each other
we falter as i reach for your lips
we kiss
for the first time.
Track Name: X
He's Been In Love With You For So Long
He Can't Remember Where, Where It All Began.
Just A Kiss On The Lips, And Continue, Looking Through Your Eyes

Don't Kiss Her Too Much But For Each Kiss To Last,
Through Out The Day, Don't Let Anything Ruin Your Day.

I've Been In Love With Her For So Long,
I Can't Remember Where, (He Can't Remember Where), Where It All Began
Just a Kiss On The Lips, And Continue, Looking Your Eyes.

You've Been In Love With Her For So Long, You Can't Remember Where (I Can't Remember Where) Where It All Began.
Just a Kiss On The Lips, And Continue, Looking Her Eyes.

Maybe I Should Burn Everything, And Start Again.
Track Name: It's Too Late (I've Only Just Realised)
now everything is over, I'm so lost.
trying to retrace everything you said.
could you please tell me, I can't remember,
what ever happened them years ago?
Did i forget everything about you?
(Did i leave you behind?)
I Hope you didn't get lost
(i hope i didn't waste your time.)

it's too late, its too late, I've only just realised.
and now you're gone, now you're gone, and now I've lost everything

now that everything has ended, the stress has lifted.
the crowd of thoughts have dispersed, leaving me empty.
i sometimes ask myself, where did i go wrong?
trying to reflect, i can't retrace my own steps.
why don't you tell me?
(even though you don't care)
Try and show me.
(even though you're miles away)

it's time to close the book
We've reached the final chapter.
Until we can see each other again
Its time to move on
and take a different path.
You're just too many miles away.